Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

                                  Skin Care Tips

Every Girl wants to look beautiful and to have a glowing skin. Below are some Skin Care Tips that can play a big role in your life. So, to have a fresh and shiny and glowing skin you need to follow these Tips Carefully.

 Skin Cleansing

                               Cleansing is very important to remove the dust from the skin. Do Cleansing with the coconut oil. Use of coconut Oil and Almond oil will be very helpful to make the skin soft and shiny.
Use of Coconut Oil

Use of Honey

                         Use of Honey can be useful for dry skin. As it helps to make the skin smooth and shiny. It can also be used for dry lips.
Use of Honey for skin Care

Use of Green tea scrub

The use of Green Tea scrub is very good for our skin.


– Take two table spoon of green tea.
– Two table spoon of brown sugar.
–  and one table spoon of nourishing cream.
Mix them all then apply on skin. You will definitely feel the difference.
Green Tea scrub for skin

Use of sunscreen:

                              Use of sunscreen is very effective when you go outside. It protects the skin from the rays of sun. So, it can not harm by UI rays of the sun.
Sunscreen for Skin Care

Papaya Mask:

                       Use of papaya mask can be very helpful if you have dry skin. Use its mask once or twice in the week for a glowing skin.
Use of Papaya for skin beauty

Always remove makeup before sleep:

                                                                  It’s a kind of golden rule that you should always remove makeup before sleep because our skin needs to breathe properly overnight. Makeup can damage our skin if we don’t remove it. So, to remove the makeup the use of Olive oil on the cotton pad is helpful.
Remove makeup before sleeping at night

What should we eat?

                     Eat fresh fruits, greens and a rich diet of vitamin C. We should remember that a sugar promotes radiant skin, so always consider a low sugar diet.
Use Of Fresh Fruits

Moisturizing Body Lotion:

                                                   Use of moisturizing body lotion daily will be very useful for healthy and hydrated skin.
Moisturizing Skin

  Tooth paste over the pimples:

                                                      You will be surprised to know that the use of tooth paste is very helpful for pimples on your skin. Simply put it on the pimple it will dry it out.

Carrot and Egg mask:

                                     The use of carrot and egg masks on the skin is also very useful for its beauty and cleanness, especially when there are wrinkles on the skin.
You will definitely feel the difference.
Hope, you like our Natural skin care tips, don’t forget to share with your lovely ones. Keep in touch for more.


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